She is an educated sculptor but fine art photography is her main visual medium for several years. Sylwia’s creative expression connects photography mixed with traditional painting and sculpting techniques. Her art is inspired by the old masters of painting combined with the silhouettes of contemporary pop culture. Makris currently lives and work in Munich, Germany. Her works are in collections all over the world.

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#1 Isenheimer Altar
#3 Appearance Of Saint Peter To Saint Peter Nolasco
#4 Judith and Holofernes
#2 The Sacrifice of Isaac
#5 Judith with the Head of Holofernes
#6 Death
#7 The Flying of Holy Bartholomew
#8 The Martyrdom of St Erasmus
#26 Pieta
#9 The last Judgment
#10 God the Father I
#14 God the Father V
#15 God the Father VI
#12 God the Father III
#13 God the Father IV
#11 God the Father II

Sylwia Makris’s idea for the new Behemoth’s project is a continuation of her fascination for the masterpieces of old masters. Her previous project „Old Masters” was the direct inspiration for the visuals created for the band.

Sylwia does not make any theories, does not write any art manifests. She is being lead by the classical beauty only when she connects the very known painting canon with controversial models of todays lifestyle.

Artist want to get some curiosity, concern, delight even anxiety or displeasure from the audience and Sylwia managed here it throughout the mix of religious extasy and symbolics by Carravagio, Gruenewald and Memling with the sacrilegious message from Behemoth.

Makris made the photos which were procee